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Mask Making

  • For those with sewing skills, Carle needs help making masks. Visit to get started.
  • OSF is requesting masks. Instructions here. After you make them, send them an email. They will pick them up and sanitize them.
  • To view organizations requesting masks, please see Mask Requests. You can use this form to request masks.
  • Please do not attempt to sanitize your mask by placing it in the microwave. Any material other than 100% cotton (including cotton/poly blends) could burn or melt. This also will not end well if there's any kind of metal (e.g., a pipe cleaner) in the mask.
  • Wearing masks may help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but it's still important to observe social distancing when you're wearing one.
  • Masks are not recommended for children younger than 3.
  • Masks should be worn over nose and mouth to be most effective and should be washed in hot water after each use

Notes from Carle

  • Despite rumors to the contrary, there is a continuing demand for sewn masks.
  • When Carle sends makers prewashed material that great care is taken to send a “clean” product:
  • Every single mask received from makers by Carle is washed, air dried and ironed to hospital standards before distribution.
  • If using your own fabric please pre-wash to allow for shrinkage.
  • There are many patterns out there. We have noticed the ones with 2 pleats wear well and users find their fit to be good. Adult mask fabric measures 9 X 6. The height of 6 inches is critical. Please do not scrimp on that measurement as it must cover both the nose and chin. Child size is 7.5 X 6. The need for adult masks is greater at this time
  • Please do not layer batting or material between the layers.
  • There needs to be a different fabric design or color used for inside and outside of mask so it's clear which side has been worn against the face and which side has been facing the patient.

More information on Carle's design is at Making Masks

Krannert Center Gowns and Masks

Krannert Center Costume Shop staff, along with scientists and medical personnel, have developed prototypes to manufacture disposable gowns and surgical masks for Carle Hospital. We are looking for community members with sewing skills to assist us in making these items to support those on the front line during this difficult time. The materials will be delivered to your home, and instructions will be provided regarding the return of completed gowns and masks. Please see to volunteer

Other Mask Resources


Headbands with buttons Some health workers are using headbands with buttons to reduce ear discomfort when wearing masks for an extended period of time. Some local nurses want these. It should be possible to make a headband with this pattern or sew buttons onto existing headbands. The buttons should be at approximately a 9:30 and 2:30 position.


3D Printers

Request 3D Printing

Please fill out this form to request 3D printing from a maker in the community